Thursday, January 20, 2011

Maybelline FIT me Foundation

I was walking in my local Walgreens and noticed a display for a new Maybelline makeup. I have recently purchased Maybelline's Dream Smooth Mousse and had liked it's consistency and the matching to my skin tone was flawless so I figured, "what the hell?" and purchased this one as well. Their main focus is to not only provide you with a great foundation, but they also have a concealer, press powder, bronzer and blush. I only purchased the foundation, press powder and concealer since I already have enough bronzer and blush and didn't need these extras.

The foundation comes with SPF of 18, so not too much but also better than nothing if you're looking for SPF protection. I have read and seen some reviews on this where people with oily or somewhat oily skin found that the foundation didn't last and gave them a lot of oily spotting. I have a very oily nose and the rest of my skin is somewhat dry or normal. I put this foundation on at 7AM and did have to use their pressing powder throughout the day since my nose was oily. Today I did my makeup again with this foundation and I put it on at noon and it is 4:30PM and I have ZERO oily spots at all. Today I used my Makeup Forever HD powder instead and it has lasted me throughout the day so far with no oils so the foundation seems to be matching up so far. I would definitely recommend this drugstore foundation to those who can match their skin tone. They have about 12 different shades (4 for light, 4 for medium and 4 for darker/deep shades). Let me know what you think!

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