Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mels Sweet Bar Review

As many of you probably already know, MakeupbyMel has opened up her own soap store which features the cutest most delectable looking soap and bath bomb products that I have ever seen. It really does give Lush a run for its money. Now, I am a big fan of lush and I have a big lush haul on this blog site in fact, but their products are not as cute as these soaps. Her website for these soaps are: for you to look and review. Her prices range from $3 - $6 and her shipping costs are reasonable due to the fact that she ships according to weight.

The soaps all smell DELICIOUS and are true to their name! They are all handmade and made-to-order in fact, so you are all receiving brand new soaps made with love.

I had the pleasure of buying her products on two very recent occasions. One was on January 11, 2011 where she was having a sale for those spending more than $20 (if you did it night before) or $25 if it was on the 11th itself. With your order you received a free Hello Kitty Soap (valued at $5 and free expedited shipping). I jumped on the chance and ordered 3 soaps and 2 bath bombs (my favorite treat). I received it in 2 days time and was thrilled at the cute packaging details. Here is what I got:

I purchased the Vanilla bath bomb, the mint chocolate bath bomb, the Red Velvet cupcake soap, the Laffy Taffy Soap, the Vanilla Sugar Cookie soap and my free Hello Kitty Soap!

Then Mels Sweet Bar launched their Valentine's Day line on January 14th and I jumped on the bandwagon since these products would be limited edition and won't be here for long. Here is what I purchased:

Since these were limited edition I purchased 2 Sweet Strawberry soaps, 2 Sweetheart cupcake bath bombs, and 1 Love me Lots Soap.

I highly recommend you try any one of her soaps. She even has Lush Dupes which smell exactly like their predecessors but for more product for the buck! She constantly has new innovations and updates on her website with new products and ideas. Good work Mel!!!

Here is a link to my youtube videos review on these products:

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