Saturday, April 10, 2010


This past week I went to my nearby MAC Pro Store in the City and picked up, or shall I say, got persuaded by the lovely Makeup Artist into buying some of their new lines. Since I already purchased the Lady of Liberty Blush the other visit, I then decided to pick up two of their lipsticks, Petal and Peacock, a lovely, vibrant purplish pink and Peachstock, a peachy nude. Both of these lipsticks have a Satin finish so they provide a lot of pigment on your lips. With Petal and Peacock, I decided to buy a lip pencil in the color Magenta in their permanent line, just because I don't want it to bleed, which those colors tend to do.

Next, I purchased more eyeliners from the Art Supply Collection. This time I purchased two, Designer Purple (a very sparkly purple) and Industrial (a bluish-grey color). Since I already bought Undercurrent and loved it, these two will fit nicely with my collection.

I also bought a Greasepaint Stick in the color "Dirty" which is exactly how it looks when applied: a dark brown "dirty" effect, but once you place and pat an eyeshadow on top of it, then it really brings out the vibrancy of the eyeshadow. I also needed a new under eye concealer and I heard great things about the Moisture Select and I am an NW25 in order for it to lighten me up a bit.

From top to Bottom: Magenta lip pencil; Petals and Peacock Lipstick, Dirty Greasepaint Stick, Industrial eyeliner, Undercurrent and Designer Purple.

I also picked up MAC's famous Rubenesque paintpot, which sort of reminds me of Urban Decay;s Primer Potion in Sin, but to give MAC credit, they came out with this color before UB did and it does look like it will last me awhile, as long as it doesn't dry out.

My last purchase was for a new blush brush. I already have the MAC 129, which I adore, but the Makeup Artist at MAC suggested I use their MAC 116, which is a much smaller blush brush, to focus solely on the apples of my cheeks. He said if you have a small face with smaller apples, the 116 would do the trick better than the 129 and for $32, he better be right! LOL

Tell me what you think of these products if you tried them or bought them. Anyone love their 116 brush rather than the 129 or you do you think the applications or just the same. Comment below. Thanks and Follow me!

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