Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lush seems to be one of the most popular bath products taking craze in not only the USA but all over the world. We are finally taking some time to ourselves and indulging in luscious baths, and it is about time we did.

This is just a small review of some of the products I have (since many of my bubble bars were already attacked and used up).

This past Easter Season, Lush came out with 5 products, 2 of them were huge Easter eggs (called Happy Easter) filled with a soap and bubble bar. Either you picked up the Pink One, which consisted of an entire huge egg of their famous Think Pink bath bomb with rockstar soap and Creamy Candy bubble bar inside or, like myself, you got the Yellow One, which consisted of a huge Honey Bee bath bomb and Honey I Washed the Kids soap and Mar Bar bubble bar inside. I chose the Yellow One because I absolutely adore Honey I Washed the Kids soap as well as Honey Bee Bath Bomb, which goes so well together. Both of these smell like honey mixed with Caramel, which Mar Bar is honey and toffee mixed in...DELICIOUS!!!

Some of their other Easter products were 3 different bath bombs. One was their pink Fluffy Egg, which smells sweet like candy. Unfortunately one of mine fell in transit, but will still be completely used up. Although this bath bomb smells decadent, it doesn't last very long in the bath. It does make your bath smell wonderful and turns your bath water pink, but I was still disappointed on the fact that as soon as it touched water, it disappeared in about 15-20 seconds. I like my bath bombs to sort of linger in the water with you.

Their other two bath bombs, both yellow is Hippy Chick, shaped like a little chick and Honey Bun. The Honey Bun smells very similar to Honey Bee since to is infused with Honey and Toffee and Hippy Chick is a strong grapefruit smell that should awaken your senses. Although I have yet to try these bath bombs, I have a distinct feeling that they too will disappear within seconds.

Another of their best-selling bath bombs is their Sex Bath Bomb, which has a very floral scent (hence the beautiful rose in the center). After popping this in your bath you will come out, literally, smelling like Rose.

If you are looking for a great combination to throw in your water to have your skin feeling supple and soft with frothy bubbles, then try one of their bath melts MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt and Pop In The Bath Bubble Bar. This bath melt smells so yummy, just like marshmellows that softens your skin as you bathe and the Pop in the Bar Bubbles has a hint of citrus but lathers so well against your soft skin.

But as stated before, to me the BEST combination is:

I cannot get enough of this combo!!! Smelling like honey, caramel and toffee and mix it in with Honey I Washed the Kids soap is PERFECT. It lingers on your skin for so long after the bath. I LOVE IT!!!!

If you want your kids to partake in a great bath as well, I recommend their
Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, which has lavender and chamomile to help the little ones relax and go to sleep. Also try their Dorothy bubble bar for kicks and giggles and have them dream about the Yellow Brick Road.

Take a YOU time and enjoy a wonder LUSHful bath!

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